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Bachelor's, Specialist's, and Master's degrees

Welcome to YSTU!

Yaroslavl is one of the most ancient cities of Russia. It was founded in 1010. The city is famous for many museums, theaters, exhibition centers, parks, green zones and the Volga river.

The University provides almost 5,000 students with higher education. The students are enrolled in 80 profiles (Chemistry, Engineering, Architecture and Design, Mechanical Engineering, Economics and other). Four branches of training of YSTU are included in the TOP-20 in Russia. The University offers a high quality of education, interesting social life, modern campus, not very expensive accomodation!

All applicants who provide all required documents are to be enrolled in a preparation program! Study in Russia is the best choice!

Who is eligible?
All international students who speak Russian, have completed upper or specialized secondary education and have a corresponding diploma or certificate are eligible for admission to Bachelor's and Specialist's programs.
Master's programs require a Bachelor's or Specialist's degree.
What options do I have?
Study programs are listed in the "Applicants" section.
How long does it take?
Intramural (full-time) Bachelor's programs take 4 years (5 years for extramural (part-time) programs), intramural Specialist's programs take 5 years (6 years for extramural programs), intramural Master's programs take 2 years (2.5 years for extramural programs).
What will I receive when I graduate?
Upon graduation each student is awarded a Bachelor's/Specialist's/Master's degree with a corresponding higher graduation diploma.
How much does it cost?
In the 2023-2024 academic year, tuition will range 130 000 rubles (around 1,710 to 1,910 USD) depending on the chosen program.
What are the living conditions?
International students are provided with a dormitory for the entire education period.
The dormitory is on the University campus within walking distance from the academic buildings. A room in the dormitory costs about 2,000 rubles (≈32 USD) per month.
How can I enroll?
Enrollment to the main study programs is based on the results of entrance examinations: Russian language, mathematics and a core subject (physics, chemistry, or social studies, depending on the chosen program).
The examination is in a test form; it is conducted according to the schedule of entrance examinations. To help with passing the entrance examinations, we consult the prospective students according to the schedule of consultations. The list of questions to prepare for the entrance examinations can be found here.
What documents do I need to enroll?
To enroll into the higher education programs, a foreign national must arrive at the University before July 10, 2019 to take the entrance examinations. The applicant is required to provide the following documents to the International Office (download and print the list of documents required for enrollment):
1. The national passport and its notarized copy, as well as copies of the pages from the passport used to enter the Russian Federation;
2. A certificate or a diploma of education and training and its notarized copy with its supplement (a transcript of the studied subjects indicating the amount of academic hours and the grades) duly legalized (or stamped with an Apostille) in the country that issued the document, as well as their notarized Russian translations;
3. A copy of birth certificate and its notarized Russian translation;
4. A visa, a migration card and their copies stating the purpose of stay in the Russian Federation – "Education at YSTU"
5. A medical certificate of the HIV-negative status certified by an official health authority of the sending country, a notarized translation and their copies;
6. A proof of payment for medical insurance – voluntary life and health insurance policy;
7. A signed statement of commitment to comply with the rules of stay and movement established for foreign nationals by the laws of the Russian Federation;
8. 4 photos 3x4 cm (colored, matte paper);
9. A tuition payment agreement and receipt.
Do I need to obtain an invitation for entry into Russia?
Visa nationals should send the following documents to [email protected] to apply for an invitation for entry into the Russian Federation at least 2 months before the planned date of entry:
1. A copy of the national passport (all pages containing entries);
2. A copy of a notarized Russian translation of the national passport;
3. A copy of a certificate or a diploma of education (and qualification) from a foreign state;
4. A copy of a notarized Russian translation of the certificate or the diploma of education (and qualification) from the foreign state;
5. Place of birth and place of actual residence.

More details on enrollment procedures, deadlines and required documents can be found in sections

Intramural (full-time) Bachelor's (Specialist's),
Extramural (part-time) Bachelor's (Specialist's) and
Master's study programs.

International Office

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